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Allan Woodrow

Allan Woodrow grew up outside of East Lansing, Michigan and was cursed with a boring, happy and loving family, giving him nothing interesting to write about. He resented it for years. Despite this hurdle, he tried to piece together his Great American Novel but failed miserably. Meanwhile, Allan went into advertising, a career where writing and knowing nothing go together surprisingly well. He spent years crafting TV commercials and print ads, winning awards and occasionally hobnobbing with B-list celebritiesyet never lost the author itch. Allan became fascinated with what his elementary school-aged daughters were reading, and decided he knew just enough to write childrens books. The Rotten Adventures of Zachary Ruthless is his debut novel, releasing in May, 2011.
Allan juggles his day job, writing, talking to school groups and libraries, and struggling to find time to sleep, eat and brush his teeth. He is currently writing his next 12 novels, which are in various states of assembly.