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Holly Webb

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Holly was born and grew up in south-east London, but spent a lot of time on the Suffolk coast. As a child, she had two dogs, a cat, and at one point, nine gerbils (an accident). At about ten, Holly fell in love with stories from Ancient Greek myths, which led to studying Latin and Greek, and eventually to reading Classics at university. She worked for five years as a children's fiction editor, before deciding that writing was more fun, and easier to do from a sofa. Now living in Reading with her husband, three sons and one cat, Holly runs a Girl Guide group. The Rose books stem from a childhood love of historical novels, and the wish that animals really could talk.

Animal Stories
1. Lost in the Snow (2006)
2. Alfie All Alone (2007)
3. Ellie the Homesick Puppy (2010)
4. Misty the Abandoned Kitten (2010) (with Sophy Williams)
5. The Kitten Nobody Wanted (2011)
6. Jess the Lonely Puppy (2010)
7. Harry the Homeless Puppy (2009)
8. Lucy The Poorly Puppy (2011)
9. Lucky the Rescued Puppy (2011)
10. Lost in the Storm (2006)
11. Oscar's Lonely Christmas (2010)
12. Sam the Stolen Puppy (2008)
13. Timmy in Trouble (2008)
14. Ginger the Stray Kitten (2009)
15. Max the Missing Puppy (2008)
16. Alone in the Night (2009)
17. Sky the Unwanted Kitten (2008)
18. Buttons the Runaway Puppy (2009)
19. Smudge the Stolen Kitten (2011)
20. The Lost Puppy (2012)
21. The Frightened Kitten (2012)
22. The Secret Puppy (2012)
Lost in the Snow / Lost in the Storm (omnibus) (2008)
A Cat called Penguin (2011)
The Chocolate Dog (2012)
The Snow Bear (2012)
The Abandoned Puppy (2013)
The Missing Kitten (2013)
Puppy Who Was Left Behind (2013)
Holly Webb's Puppy Tales (omnibus) (2013)
Looking for Bear (2013)
The Kidnapped Kitten (2014)
The Scruffy Puppy (2014)
The Brave Kitten (2014)
Holly Webb's Kitten Tales (omnibus) (2014)
A Tiger Tale (2014)
The Forgotten Puppy (2015)
The Secret Kitten (2015)
A Home for Molly (2015)
Holly Webb's Puppy Friends (omnibus) (2015)
Sammy the Shy Kitten (2016)
The Seaside Puppy (2016)
Kitten Friends 3 in 1 (2016)
The Curious Kitten (2016)
The Pocket Dog (2016)
Snow Cat (2016)
The Rescued Puppy (2017)
Monty the Sad Puppy (2017)
The Homeless Kitten (2017)
A Kitten Called Tiger (2017)
Puppy Love (omnibus) (2017)
The Unwanted Puppy (2018)
The Rescued Kitten (2018)











Hounds of Penhallow Place
1. The Moonlight Statue (2017)
2. The Lost Treasure (2017)
3. The Hidden Staircase (2018)
Winter Animal Stories
The Storm Dog (2017)

Picture Books

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