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Henry Wade

(Henry L Aubrey-Fletcher)
(1887 - 1969)

Henry Wade was the pseudonym of Major Sir Henry Lancelot Aubrey-Fletcher (1887-1969), English writer and baronet, who created Inspector John Poole.

Wade was born in Surrey and educated at Eton and Oxford. He married Mary Augusta Chilton in 1911. He served in both world wars as a Grenadier Guard. He married Mary Augusta Chilton in 1911 and Nancy Cecil Reynolds in 1965. The Wade pseudonym was taken from his mother's maiden name. Wade wrote both traditional and inverted mysteries, and published stories in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine.

Genres: Mystery
Inspector Poole
   The Missing Partners (1928)
   The Duke of York's Steps (1929)
   No Friendly Drop (1931)
   Mist On the Saltings (1933)
   Policeman's Lot (1933)
   Constable Guard Thyself (1934)
   Bury Him Darkly (1936)
   The High Sheriff (1937)
   Lonely Magdalen (1940)
   Heir Presumptive (1953)
   Too Soon to Die (1953)
   Gold Was Our Grave (1954)
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   The Verdict of You All (1926)
   Dying Alderman (1930)
   Hanging Captain (1932)
   Harvey in Scotland (1938)
   Here Comes the Copper (1938)
   Released for Death (1938)
   New Graves at Great Norne (1947)
   Diplomat's Folly (1951)
   Be Kind to a Killer (1952)
   A Dying Fall (1955)
   The Litmore Snatch (1957)
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Anthologies containing stories by Henry Wade
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Short stories
The Three Keys
Duello (1930)
The Missing Undergraduate (1933)

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