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Anthony Berkeley

(Anthony Berkeley Cox)
UK flag (1893 - 1971)

aka Francis Iles, A Monmouth Platts

A journalist as well as a novelist, Anthony Berkeley was a founding member of the Detection Club and one of crime fiction's greatest innovators. He was one of the first to predict the development of the 'psychological' crime novel and he sometimes wrote under the pseudonym of Francis Iles. He wrote twenty-four novels, ten of which feature his amateur detective, Roger Sheringham.

Genres: Mystery
Roger Sheringham
   1. The Layton Court Mystery (1925)
   2. The Wychford Poisoning Case (1926)
   3. Roger Sheringham and the Vane Mystery (1927)
     aka The Mystery At Lovers' Cave
   4. The Silk Stocking Murders (1928)
   5. The Poisoned Chocolates Case (1929)
   The Second Shot (1930)
   6. Top Storey Murder (1931)
     aka Top Story Murder
   7. Murder In The Basement (1932)
   8. Jumping Jenny (1933)
     aka Dead Mrs Stratton
   Panic Party (1934)
     aka Mr Pidgeon's Island
   The Roger Sheringham Stories (1994)
   The Avenging Chance and Other Mysteries from Roger Sheringham's Casebook (2004)
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   The Wintringham Mystery (1916)
   The Professor On Paws (1926)
   Cicely Disappears (1927) (as by A Monmouth Platts)
   Mr Priestley's Problem (1927)
     aka The Amateur Crime
   The Piccadilly Murder (1929)
   Malice Aforethought (1931) (as by Francis Iles)
   Before the Fact (1932) (as by Francis Iles)
   The Policeman Only Taps Once (1936)
   The Rattenbury Case (1936) (as by Francis Iles)
   Not to Be Taken (1937)
     aka A Puzzle in Poison
   Trial and Error (1937)
   As For The Woman (1939) (as by Francis Iles)
   Death In The House (1939)
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   Six Against the Yard (1989) (with others)
Anthologies containing stories by Anthony Berkeley
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Short stories
Dark Journey (as by Francis Iles)
White Butterfly
The Avenging Chance (1929)

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