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James Wyatt

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James Wyatt is an award-winning game designer at Wizards of the Coast, and now holds the position of Design Manager for Dungeons & Dragons.

He was one of the lead designers for D&D 4th Edition and one of the original designers of the Eberron Campaign Setting, and has written and co-authored dozens of game supplements. He grew up in Ithaca, New York, and now lives in Washington State with his wife and son.

Genres: Fantasy
Game Books
   The Speaker in Dreams (2001)
   Monsters of Faerun (2001) (with Rob Heinsoo)
   Defenders of the Faith (2001) (with Rich Redman)
   Oriental Adventures (2001)
   Deities and Demigods (2002) (with Rich Redman and Skip Williams)
   Arms and Equipment Guide (2003) (with Eric Cagle, Jesse Decker, Jeff Quick and Rich Redman)
   Fiend Folio (2003) (with Eric Cagle, Jesse Decker, James Jacobs, Erik Mona, Matthew Sernett and Chris Thomassen)
   Book of Exalted Deeds (2003) (with Darrin Drader and Christopher Perkins)
   The Draconomicon (2003) (with Andy Collins and Skip Williams)
   Past (2005) (with Gwendolyn F M Kestrel)
   Heroes of Horror (2005) (with Ari Marmell and C A Suleiman)
   Magic of Incarnum (2005) (with Frank Brunner and Stephen Schubert)
   Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (2006) (with Bruce R Cordell)
   Dire Tombs (2007)