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Margie Walker

Margie's been looking for a home ever since she was born under the sign of Libra in LaLa, Texas to some crazy black Creoles from Louisiana who didn't know what to do with her. She came into this world walking, talking, and demanding more entertaining books to read than the set of medical encyclopedias and six-inch thick dictionary her mother bought for her. Instead, her parents stuck her in a room in front of the TV, with milky-coffee, a big Chief tablet and a No. 3 pencil. Before long, she exchanged the idiot box for African American Classical Music--Jazz.

She wrote - - screenplays, although she didn't know it at the time - - to heart's content until they sent her to the institution created just for people of her kind, with the sound advice of majoring in some field that would earn her a decent living. She even tried her hand at poetry and performed with a guerrilla theater company, handling stage make-up duties and bit parts.

Graduating in four-fateful years, as well as acquiring a mate her final semester, she journeyed into the world of radio broadcasting. She worked for a series of Houston stations, gravitating to newspapers, only to return back home to real writing, with a No. 2 pencil and spiral tablet this time. The coffee is still milky. Married 23 years to the same sweet, insane man, with two brain-damaged sons, Margie has finally found her home.

Genres: Urban Fiction
   Love Signals (1990)
   A Sweet Refrain (1994)
   Breathless (1995)
   Indiscretions (1996)
   Conspiracy (1997)
   Public Affair (1998)
   Remember Me (1999)
   Stolen Moments (2006)
   A Slice of Reparations (2011)
   IN BLOOD ONLY (2013)
   Something to Celebrate (1999) (with Brenda Jackson and Felicia Mason)
   Where There's a Will (2004) (with others)
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