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Ruth White

USA flag (b.1942)

aka Ruth White Miller

Ruth White holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in English and Library Science. She worked in schools as both a teacher and a librarian in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia before moving to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where she writes full time.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy
   The City Rose (1977) (as by Ruth White Miller)
   Sweet Creek Holler (1988)
   Weeping Willow (1992)
   Tadpole (2003)
   Buttermilk Hill (2004)
   Little Audrey (2008)
   You'll Like It Here (Everybody Does) (2011)
   A Month of Sundays (2011)
   Diary of a Wildflower (2014)
   The Blues of Lotus Hall (2015)
   Hanging With Ecila (2015)
   Serendipity (2016)
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