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Alexis Anne is an award-winning Archaeologist (seriously, I have the award to prove it!). She lives in Central Florida with her tall, dark, and handsome husband (He's gorgeous and he's alll mine, ladies!) and their two adorable superheroes (they have actual super powers!). Their crazy lives have taken them from archaeology digs to breaking news as they traversed the worlds of anthropology and television news. When she's not reading or writing, Alexis can be found at the beach or on the water with her family. Her first novel, The Storm Inside, is an erotic romance with a strong heroine and gorgeous hero. She has also published FILTERS, a series of short stories about love and life when secrets come out.

Genres: , Romance, Romantic Suspense
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Storm Inside
   1. The Storm Inside (2013)
   2. Reflected in the Rain (2014)
   3. When Lightning Strikes (2015)
   4. Never Let Go (2016)
Wild Pitch
   1. Summer Heat (2017)
   2. Night Games (2017)
   3. Last Fall (2018)
Reckless Duet
   1. Reckless Kiss (2018)
   2. Reckless Love (2018)
   3. Reckless Nights (2019)
Calusa Key
   1. Come For Me, Darling (2018)
   2. Go Away, Darling (2020)
   3. Kiss Me, Darling (2020)
   4. Third Time's the Charm (2020)
Empire Trilogy
   1. The Heiress (2021)
   2. The Bastard (2021)
   The Professor and the Spy (2022)
Out of Left Field
   0. Home Run (2022)
   0. Squeeze Play (2024)
   1. Sweet Spot (2022)
   2. Caught Looking (2024)
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