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Elissa Ambrose

Mother of Sarah Mlynowski

Elissa Ambrose was born in Montreal, Canada. After graduating from collegewith a degree in English literature, Elissa embarked on a career in computerprogramming. She still hasn't figured out the connection between the twofields, but she believes that all those years in data processing gave her astrong, detail-oriented focus. Married, she's the proud mother of twodaughters, who, though they have flown the coop, still manage to keep her onher toes. One of her daughters is the novelist Sarah Mlynowski.

In 2002, two decades and countless programs after starting her computerprogrammer career, she published her first novel and now, she serves as thefiction editor at Anthology magazine, a literary journal published in Mesa,Arizona, where she resides in Arizona with her husband, her smart but surlycat, and her sweet but silly cockatoo.

When not writing, editing, or reading, Elissa can be found trying to mastera new spin or jump on the ice rink (translation: trying not to break herneck), or in the kitchen, trying out a new recipe. Besides skating andcooking, she loves to travel. After she completes a manuscript, she and herhusband fly to England for a little R&R, in search of the perfect pub.

Genres: Romance
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