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Relentless Aaron

USA flag (b.1965)

Relentless Aaron was born and raised in New York. He runs Relentless Content, a company that publishes books, magazines, and websites, out of Mount Vernon, New York.

Like a musician with a catalogue of songs already recorded, Relentless has a series 30 novels completed and waiting to go to print. A few of his forthcoming titles include The Last Kingpin, Rappers 'R In Danger, Platinum Dolls and Sugar Daddy. With his initial release, Push, Relentless redefines the art of storytelling. Weaving a riveting tale of big money, incredible sex and gut wrenching violence, while seamlessly capturing the truth and hard core reality of Harlem's desperation and struggle, Relentless isn't just writing books, he's landscaping terrain that will be experienced by generations to come.

Genres: Urban Fiction
G Unit (with 50 Cent)
   Derelict (2007)
Non fiction