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Writing the Billy Boyle World War II mystery series (published by the wonderful folks at Soho Press) has brought me an immense amount of joy. I've gotten to meet people in person and online from all over the world and hear their reactions, feedback, and most importantly, their own stories.

In addition to the Billy Boyle series, two stand-alone books have been published by E-Reads. On Desperate Ground is a WWII thriller in the grand tradition of Jack Higgins, and Souvenir is an exploration of memory, identity, sorrow and loss during the lifetime of a veteran of the Second World War.

Genres: Historical Mystery, Mystery, Historical
New and upcoming books
Billy Boyle World War II Mystery
   1. Billy Boyle (2006)
   2. The First Wave (2007)
   3. Blood Alone (2008)
   4. Evil for Evil (2009)
   5. Rag and Bone (2010)
   6. A Mortal Terror (2011)
   7. Death's Door (2012)
   8. A Blind Goddess (2013)
   9. The Rest is Silence (2014)
   10. The White Ghost (2015)
   11. Blue Madonna (2016)
   12. The Devouring (2017)
   13. Solemn Graves (2018)
   14. When Hell Struck Twelve (2019)
   15. The Red Horse (2020)
   16. Road of Bones (2021)
   17. From the Shadows (2022)
   18. Proud Sorrows (2023)
   19. The Phantom Patrol (2024)
   On Desperate Ground (2000)
   Souvenir (2012)
   Shard (2021)
   Freegift (2022)
   The Refusal Camp (2023)
James R Benn recommends
The Mummy of Mayfair (2024)
(Irregular Detective Mystery, book 2)
Jeri Westerson
"Original, unique and inventive...pitch-perfect!."
The Man from Mittelwerk (2022)
M Z Urlocker
"From the dark caves of a Nazi slave labor complex to sunny southern California, The Man from Mittelwerk delivers on all fronts. Snappy dialog, a fast-paced narrative, and complex moral questions all combine to make this hard-boiled thriller a winner. Superb!"
The Orchid and the Emerald: Search for the Cure (2022)
Timothy David Mack
"The Orchid and the Emerald drew me in from the first page. Timothy David Mack has crafted a meaty, majestic adventure, spanning continents and offering a glimpse into the grand game of espionage and intrigues between empires. Dive in and enjoy!"

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Award nominations
2015 Barry Award for Best Novel (nominee) : The Rest is Silence
2007 Dilys Award for Best Book (nominee) : Billy Boyle

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