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Born in 1805 in King Street, Manchester, the son of a solicitor, educated at The Manchester Grammar School, and articled at age 16 by his father in a law firm, William Harrison Ainsworth eventually emerged as a prolific and renowned romantic novelist. By the age of 20, his love for literature had developed and he had already penned several stories, contributed articles to magazines, and founded his own periodical - which failed. After his father's death he moved to London, married Annie Ebers, whose father was a publisher, and published his first novel, Sir John Chiverton, followed by Rockwood, both in 1834.

Genres: Historical Romance, Historical, Horror, Mystery
   Rookwood (1834)
   Sir John Chiverton (1834)
   Admirable Crichton (1837)
   Jack Sheppard (1839)
   The Tower of London (1840)
   Guy Fawkes (1841)
   Old St.Paul's (1841)
   The Miser's Daughter (1842)
   Windsor Castle (1843)
     aka Herne the Hunter
   The Fall of Somerset (1844)
   Saint James's (1844)
   Auriol (1845)
     aka The Elixir of Life
   The Lancashire Witches (1849)
   The Star-Chamber (1853)
   The Flitch of Bacon (1854)
   The Spendthrift (1857)
   Ovingdean Grange (1860)
   The Constable of the Tower (1861)
   Cardinal Pole (1862)
   The Lord Mayor of London (1862)
   Old Court (1866)
   Myddleton Pomfret (1867)
   The South-Sea Bubble (1868)
   Hilary St. Ives (1869)
   Talbot Harland (1870)
   Tower Hill (1871)
   Boscobel (1872)
   Manchester Rebels of the Fatal '45 (1873)
   Preston Fight (1875)
   The Leaguer of Lathom (1876)
   Beau Nash (1879)
   Stanley Brereton (1881)
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