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Billie Bloom

Billie Bloom lives in the state where people think fifty degrees is shorts weather and they point to where they're from using their hand as a map. Billie swoons for steamy queer romance that makes their mouth drop open like a fish, and their spouse ask curiously, what are you doing over there? As a lover of the genre, they can often be found in a trance-like state drooling out of one side of their mouth as they write (or read) all day long - you know, as one does. Billie is shamelessly obsessed with fictitious frat bros, alpha jocks, and most especially, sassy twinks.

Genres: Romance
Bromance Chronicles
   1. Trouble on Top (2021)
   2. Nice Guys Finish First (2021)
   3. Out With A Bang (2021)
   4. Pucked Up Love (2021)
First Times
   1. My Roommate Romeo (2022)
   2. Mr Grumpy Pants (2022)
   3. Me Against The QB (2022)
Wild Winter Nights
   1. Tempted (2023) (with Kendall Ryan)
   2. Adored (2023)
   3. Craved (2023)
   Blow Me Away (2022)
   Red Flags and One Night Stands (2023)
   Scandal (2023)

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