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Brigid Brophy

(Brigid Antonia Brophy)
UK flag (1929 - 1995)

Brigid Brophy was an English novelist, essayist, critic, biographer, and dramatist. In the Dictionary of Literary Biography: British Novelists since 1960, S. J. Newman described her as "one of the oddest, most brilliant, and most enduring of [the] 1960s symptoms."She was a feminist and pacifist who expressed controversial opinions on marriage, the Vietnam War, religious education in schools, sex (she was openly bisexual, and pornography. She was a vocal campaigner for animal rights and vegetarianism. A 1965 Sunday Times article by Brophy is credited by psychologist Richard D. Ryder with having triggered the formation of the animal rights movement in England.
Brigid Brophy recommends
By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept (1945)
Elizabeth Smart
"I doubt if there are half a dozen such masterpieces in the world."

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