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Donna Bell

aka Julia Parks

Donna Bell lives in Texas with her husband, three dogs, and a cat. She enjoys quilting and reading when not writing. She has been writing all her life and still has stories written when she was in second grade. She has also written under the name of Julia Parks.

Genres: Historical Romance
   The Scandalous Miss (1988)
   All's Fair (1990)
   The Valentine's Day Ball (1991)
   An Improper Pursuit (1994)
   The Bluestocking's Beau (1996)
   Sweet Tranquility (1996)
   The First Waltz (1998)
   A Taste for Love (1998)
   Words of Love (1999)
   Heiress to Love (2000)
   A Tangled Web (2001)
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   Flowers for the Bride (1995) (with others)
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