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Ilaria Bernardini is a writer and screenwriter ( her last screenplay is “The Echo Chamber”, for award winning director Bernardo Bertolucci). She has or has had her own columns on Rolling Stone Magazine, Amica Magazine, GQ, Vogue, and was, for many years, a writer for the hit MTV TV show ‘Very Victoria’. She has published various novels. Her first novel "Non è niente" was published by Baldini & Castoldi in 2005, followed in 2006 by a collection of short stories "La fine dell’amore" (ISBN) and by the novel "I supereroi" in 2009 (Bompiani). "Corpo libero" (Feltrinelli) was published in 2011.With Fremantle Media she has created the MTV Series "Gymnasts", one of the most successful and awarded MTV shows of the last few years.Her book "Corpo Libero", is currently being adapted in the UK into a tv series by INDIGO Films/All3 Media.Her novel, "Domenica", was published in 2012 by Feltrinelli. In January 2015 she published her first graphic novel with HOP Edizioni.A new collection of her short stories was published by INDIANA in June 2015.Her novel "Faremo Foresta" was published by Mondadori in January 2018. The film rights of "Faremo Foresta" have been bought by ASMARA, and will be directed by Ginevra Elkann ."The Portrait”, is her debut english-language novel, the film rights of which have been bought by The apartment/FremantleMedia ( The Young Pope, The Ferrante Trilogy, Limonov etc). She lives in London and in Milan.

Genres: Mystery
New and upcoming books
   The Portrait (2020)
   The Girls Are Good (2022)
   We Will Be Forest (2024)

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