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Lauren Belfer grew up in Buffalo, where she was educated at the school that forms the model for her heroine's establishment. She has an MFA from Columbia University, and now lives in New York with her husband and son.

Genres: Historical

Lauren Belfer recommends
Mina (2004)
Jonatha Ceely
"Absorbing and suspenseful...filled with vivid and surprising characters struggling to find their way amid the social turmoil of the time."
The Painted Kiss (2005)
Elizabeth Hickey
"The Painted Kiss is richly atmospheric and haunting."
Loving Frank (2007)
Nancy Horan
"Loving Frank is one of those novels that takes over your life. It's mesmerizing and fascinating - filled with complex characters, deep passions, tactile descriptions of astonishing architecture, and the colorful immediacy of daily life a hundred years ago - all gathered into a story that unfolds with riveting urgency."
The Jane Austen Project (2017)
Kathleen A Flynn
"What lover of literature hasn’t dreamed of going back in time to meet Jane Austen? In her debut novel, Kathleen A. Flynn brings this dream to life, creating a vivid portrait of Regency England in all its glory and squalor."
The Ruined House (2017)
Ruby Namdar
"With richly poetic prose, Ruby Namdar portrays a man who leads a successful, comfortable secular life--until he finds himself haunted by religious visions. The Ruined House is shocking, insightful, and deeply disturbing."
Strangers in Budapest (2017)
Jessica Keener
"In the Budapest of Jessica Keener's gripping new novel, menace lurks down every street and infuses every interaction, until the city itself becomes a brooding, sinister presence. With lyrical prose, Keener examines grief and guilt, deception and hatred, and the search for an elusive redemption. Strangers in Budapest is a remarkable novel that continues to haunt me, weeks after I reached its powerful, unexpected conclusion."
The Girls in the Picture (2018)
Melanie Benjamin
"Actress Mary Pickford and screenwriter Frances Marion are Hollywood legends, and I thought I knew them well--until I read The Girls in the Picture. With riveting subtlety, Melanie Benjamin reveals the texture of their daily lives and the complexity of their decadeslong friendship. In the process, Benjamin creates an astonishing portrait of the early days of Hollywood, when innovation ruled and women wielded power alongside men. The Girls in the Picture is a fascinating, fast-paced, and ultimately heartbreaking story about two kindred spirits and their struggle for professional and personal fulfillment."
Winter Sisters (2018)
Robin Oliveira
"Robin Oliveira has a remarkable gift for bringing the past to life. In Winter Sisters, she matches a bold, vivid story with a rare sensitivity to the natural world in all its serene beauty and deadly force. This is a compelling novel that will keep you up all night."
All the Beautiful Girls (2018)
Elizabeth J Church
"A brave and powerful novel that captures the very soul of a young woman coming of age . . . With heart-wrenching immediacy and gorgeous prose, Elizabeth Church examines the often desperate choices women must confront, and the secrets they must protect."
House of Gold (2018)
Natasha Solomons
"Once again, Natasha Solomons brings the past alive with vivid immediacy. House of Gold is a sweeping, heartbreaking story of love, war, and duty. I will long remember the poetry of its evocative details and the striking complexity of its characters."
Not Our Kind (2018)
Kitty Zeldis
"Kitty Zeldis has a gift for making even the smallest details of the past shine with vivid color. The story she tells in NOT OUR KIND—of two women in post-World War II New York trying to forge lives of integrity and purpose—resonates with the struggles of women today. Compelling, frank, and all too real, NOT OUR KIND kept me reading long into the night."
The Henna Artist (2020)
(Jaipur Trilogy, book 1)
Alka Joshi
"Like a brilliant, magical kaleidoscope, bursting with color...The Henna Artist kept me riveted from start to finish."
The Paris Hours (2020)
Alex George
"A thrilling, irresistible marvel. In lyrical prose, George weaves together memory, loss, and yearning, portraying his characters with such vivid immediacy that I could imagine myself walking beside them along the winding streets of Paris, sharing their stories. Riveting, heartbreaking, and compassionate."
Those Who Are Saved (2021)
Alexis Landau
"With poetic, mesmerizing prose, Alexis Landau creates a heartrending story of the unbreakable bond of maternal love. Those Who Are Saved brings to life a moment in history when all that is familiar disappears and every choice is potentially tragic. This gripping and compassionate novel continues to haunt me."

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