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Jaida Jones and Danielle Bennett

Miss Jaida Jones is a student at Barnard College, majoring across the street at Columbia University in East Asian Languages & Cultures. Basically, she's spending most of her time trying to learn Japanese and research her undergraduate thesis, roughly titled "Very Long Paper About Japanese Monsters."

Writing fantasy has long been her dream. Her favorite animal is the otter, followed closely by a more specific category known as "the orange cat." She lives in New York City with two overgrown kittens and two underappreciated parents.

Miss Dani Bennett escaped the thrilling, dangerous life of a Starbucks barista in Victoria, BC to write stories about magicians and enormous metal dragons instead. Nevertheless, she still knows how to make a mean cup of coffee--or a nice one, depending on what you're in the mood for.

Her other talents include unflagging politeness (after all, she is Canadian) and being able to spot a snake from a mile away.

Genres: Fantasy, Young Adult Fantasy
   1. Havemercy (2008)
   2. Shadow Magic (2009)
   3. Dragon Soul (2010)
   4. Steelhands (2011)