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John S Glasby's picture

John S Glasby

(John Stephen Glasby)
UK flag (1928 - 2011)

aka Chuck Adams, John Adams, Philip Aston, Charles M Barker, C J Beaton, R L Bowers, Tex Bradley, Brett Calder, Berl Cameron, Craig Campbell, William B Carter, Max Chartair, Roy F Copper, William Corby, Cliff Daventry, Lester Davidston, Clive Dawson, Wade Dellman, J B Dexter, Carl Eddings, Robert J Evers, Patrick G Forde, David Forster, Alex Frazer, Robert L Greene, Stephen Hartmann, Lance Hayden, Luke Holt, Richard D Howard, Stephen Jervis, Peter J Kerman, Robert A Klyne, Leonard T Knight, Rick Lander, Philip Lantry, Alan T Leacroft, Vance Livesey, Paul Lorraine, John Manville, Paul Marsden, John C Maxwell, A J Merak, John E Muller, Frank Myers, Glen Norten, Rand le Page, Randall Payne, J L Powers, Manning K Robertson, Victor la Salle, Michael Stansfield, Ralph C Summers, Alan P Vinson, Karl Zeigfreid

John Glasby was born in 1928, and graduated from University with an honours degree in Chemistry. He started his career as a research chemist for I.C.I, in 1952, and worked for them until his retirement. During the early 1960s, Glasby wrote dozens of paperback westerns, all of which were reprinted in hardcover and paperback four decades later. Following his retirement from I.C.I., Glasby produced a steady stream of new westerns, science fiction and crime novels, right up to his death in 2011.

Black Infinity (1952) (as by Berl Cameron)
Cosmic Echelon (1952) (as by Berl Cameron)
Satellite B.C. (1952) (as by Rand le Page)
Time and Space (1952) (as by Rand le Page)
Two Worlds (1952) (as by Paul Lorraine)
Zenith-D (1952) (as by Paul Lorraine)
Zero Point (1952) (as by Rand le Page)
Asteroid Forma (1953) (as by Rand le Page)
Dark Andromeda (1953) (as by A J Merak)
Dark Boundaries (1953) (as by Paul Lorraine)
Dawn of the Half Gods (1953) (as by Victor la Salle)
     aka Space Void
Lost Aeons (1953) (as by Berl Cameron)
The Seventh Dimension (1953) (as by Victor la Salle)
Sphero Nova (1953) (as by Berl Cameron)
Menace from Mercury (1954) (as by Victor la Salle)
Twilight Zone (1954) (as by Victor la Salle)
Trail Blazers (1956) (as by Chuck Adams)
     aka Bowie of the Alamo
This Second Earth (1957) (as by R L Bowers)
The Dark Millenium (1958) (as by A J Merak)
The Time Kings (1958) (as by J B Dexter)
The World Makers (1958) (as by John C Maxwell)
No Dawn and No Horizon (1959) (as by A J Merak)
Barrier Unknown (1960) (as by A J Merak)
Black Abyss (1960) (as by J L Powers)
Hydrosphere (1960) (as by A J Merak)
When The Gods Came (1960) (as by John Adams)
Cain Brand (2002) (as by Craig Campbell)
Coyote Brand (2002) (as by C J Beaton)
El Diablo (2002) (as by William B Carter)
Justice At Red River (2002) (as by Philip Aston)
Edge Of The Badlands (2002) (as by Lance Hayden)
Framed In Guilt (2002) (as by Lester Davidston)
The Hostile Country (2002) (as by Peter J Kerman)
Killers' Haven (2002) (as by Stephen Jervis)
The Rim Riders (2002) (as by Patrick G Forde)
The Savage Hills (2002) (as by Carl Eddings)
Sole Survivor (2002) (as by David Forster)
The Streets of Sundown (2002) (as by Richard D Howard)
Traitors' Guns (2002) (as by Robert A Klyne)
Badlands Feud (2002) (as by Randall Payne)
Dakota Manhunt (2002) (as by Alan T Leacroft)
The Proud Rebel (2002) (as by Michael Stansfield)
Saddlerock (2002) (as by Rick Lander)
Triple Peaks (2002) (as by Glen Norten)
West of the Cimarron (2002) (as by John Manville)
Bender's Edge (2003) (as by Paul Marsden)
Brand of the Hunted (2003) (as by Charles M Barker)
Crimson Dust (2003) (as by Cliff Daventry)
Siege Town (2003) (as by Roy F Copper)
Quantrill's Legacy (2003) (as by Robert L Greene)
Hang the Hellion High (2003) (as by Stephen Hartmann)
Battle At Circle Four (2003) (as by Luke Holt)
The Man From Abilene (2003) (as by Leonard T Knight)
Marked for Violence (2003) (as by Philip Lantry)
Flashpoint (2003) (as by Frank Myers)
Thunderfire (2003) (as by Ralph C Summers)
The Time Of The Lawman (2003) (as by Alan P Vinson)
The Substance of a Shade (2003)
Who Rides with Vengeance (2004) (as by Carl Eddings)
Battle Of The Nesters (2004) (as by Alex Frazer)
El Dorado Trail (2004) (as by Brett Calder)
Kansas Fury (2004) (as by Carl Eddings)
Day of Violence (2005)
The Hunted (2005) (as by Philip Aston)
Stranger with a Gun (2005) (as by William Corby)
Gunrage At Calder Wells (2006) (as by Robert J Evers)
Lawman Without a Gun (2006) (as by Clive Dawson)
Traitor's Gold (2006) (as by Wade Dellman)
Bitter Vengeance (2006) (as by Max Chartair)
The Dark Destroyer (2007)
Dark Conflict (2008)
The Undead (2008)
Death Comes Calling (2009)
Guntrail to Condor (2009)
Dark Legion (2009)
The Wheel Spins Thirteen (2009)
Mystery of the Crater (2010)
Hideout at Mender's Crossing (2010)
Roses for a Lady (2010)
Project Jove (2010)
The Missing Heiress Murders (2010)
Wreath for a Lady (2014)
Storm Over Mendaro (2016)
Arizona Manhunt (2017)
The Natchez Trace (2017)
Sierra Marshal (2017)







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