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Kalynn Bayron is a creative arts enthusiast, wife, and mother of four who lives and works in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She has been pursuing her love of the arts since childhood, when she took up singing and classical ballet.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy, Young Adult Fiction

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Kalynn Bayron recommends
Kneel (2021)
Candace Buford
"A powerful and timely debut novel, Kneel is a gripping story about what it looks like when we demand equity, justice, and recognition of our own humanity. It examines the mental and emotional costs of activism but also gives us a reason to stay in the fight. I could not put it down."
A Spindle Splintered (2021)
(Fractured Fables, book 1)
Alix E Harrow
"In this enchanting and devastatingly poignant novella the constructs of the fairytales we know and love are broken wide open, exposing their raw and often tragic origins. A wonderfully imaginative, and Queer as hell, tale for those who who wish to be the authors of their own stories."
Skin of the Sea (2021)
(Skin of the Sea, book 1)
Natasha Bowen
"A triumph of storytelling."
Deep in Providence (2022)
Riss M Neilson
"Neilson's explorations of grief, love, and friendship are mesmerizing, gut-wrenching, and magical. It's refreshing to see characters who are allowed to make mistakes, who are allowed to grow and learn from their experiences. A spectacularly haunting debut that doesn't shy away from heavy-hitting topics, all handled with the kind of tender storytelling that leaves an indelible mark."
The Final Strife (2022)
(Final Strife, book 1)
Saara El-Arifi
"Epic fantasy turned on its head in the most compelling way imaginable. A heroine with bite, a supporting cast of flawed but deeply human characters, and world building that is raw, unforgiving and richly textured, The Final Strife is the real deal. El-Arifi is a bold new voice in epic fantasy and I cannot wait to read more of her work."

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