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Alix E. Harrow is a part-time history adjunct and full-time reader, with stories published in Shimmer and Strange Horizons. In her spare time she writes, gardens, herds pets, and works on her gloriously dilapidated house. She lives in Berea, Kentucky with her husband and son.

Genres: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Urban Fantasy

Alix E Harrow recommends
The Unlikely Escape of Uriah Heep (2019)
H G Parry
"If you've ever checked the backs of your wardrobe for snow and lamp-light -- if you've ever longed to visit Pemberley House or 221B Baker Street, to battle the Jabberwock or wander through a fictional London fog -- this book belongs to you. It's a star-studded literary tour and a tangled mystery and a reflection on reading itself; it's a pure delight."
Unnatural Magic (2019)
(Unnatural Magic, book 1)
C M Waggoner
"I didn't think you could fit so many things I loved into one book--tough-talking lady-trolls and cowardly captains, true love and found families, Holmesian hijinks and gender politics--but C.M. Waggoner made it look easy. Unnatural Magic is a raucous, indulgent delight."
The Unspoken Name (2020)
(Serpent Gates, book 1)
A K Larkwood
"Takes all the tropes of fantasy – orcs and epic quests, dead gods and undead souls, daring rescues and last-second escapes – and spins them into something wild and new. A dizzy, delicious debut."
You Let Me In (2020)
Camilla Bruce
"Haunting, and harrowing, You Let Me In is the kind of fairy tale that keeps you up at night because the monsters are real. I couldn't look away."
Mexican Gothic (2020)
Silvia Moreno-Garcia
"The subversive, seductive, satisfying haunted house story I didn’t know I needed . . . I genuinely couldn’t put it down."
Flyaway (2020)
Kathleen Jennings
"hirley Jackson Down Under: a brooding, bruising fairy tale about blood and history and sharp-toothed things waiting in the woods. I loved it."
Harrow the Ninth (2020)
(Locked Tomb, book 2)
Tamsyn Muir
"To read Harrow the Ninth is to enter a labyrinth haunted by loss and sacrifice and a truly top-tier selection of memes. But don't bother with breadcrumbs or red threads - you won't ever want to leave."
The Bone Shard Daughter (2020)
(Drowning Empire, book 1)
Andrea Stewart
"Epic fantasy at its most human and heartfelt."
The Midnight Bargain (2020)
C L Polk
"Smart, sexy, and sincere, The Midnight Bargain is an alter-Regency romance with fantastical magic and very real teeth."
A Master of Djinn (2021)
(Dead Djinn Universe, book 1)
P Djèlí Clark
"A Master of Djinn is everything you might expect from Clark: cinematic action, a radical reimagining of real history, and magic on every page. I loved it."
The Chosen and the Beautiful (2021)
Nghi Vo
"The Chosen and the Beautiful is a subversive, sexy, atmospheric, sweltering, gin-soaked, Hell-haunted vision of Gatsby's New York, with prose that will pull you under. I loved it."
For the Wolf (2021)
(Wilderwood, book 1)
Hannah Whitten
"Atmospheric, folkloric, and half-familiar. If you ever wished Beauty and the Beast had more eldritch forest monsters and political machinations, this is the romance for you."
The Jasmine Throne (2021)
(Burning Kingdoms, book 1)
Tasha Suri
"An intimate, complex, magical study of empire and the people caught in its bloody teeth. I loved it."
The Wolf and the Woodsman (2021)
Ava Reid
"Gorgeously written and grimly real, The Wolf and the Woodsman quite literally took my breath away. It has the unsettling-but-compelling gore of Henderson's The Year of the Witching, the folkloric lilt of The Bear and the Nightingale, and the moral complexity of Seeing Like a State. I'm obsessed."
She Who Became the Sun (2021)
(Radiant Emperor, book 1)
Shelley Parker-Chan
"She Who Became the Sun is epic, tragic, and gorgeous. It will wreck you, and you will be grateful."
Summer Sons (2021)
Lee Mandelo
"Summer Sons is a southern summer in book form: hot and hungry and haunting. I couldn't put it down."
Not Your Average Hot Guy (2021)
(Match Made in Hell, book 1)
Gwenda Bond
"Fun, funny, hot, and heartfelt...The apocalyptic beach read that everyone needs."
A Marvellous Light (2021)
(Last Binding, book 1)
Freya Marske
"Mystery! Magic! Murder! Long looks full of yearning! This book is a confection, both marvelous and light."
Where I Can't Follow (2022)
Ashley Blooms
"Haunting and hopeful, a hard story full of shocking warmth and unexpected beauty. The little doors of Blackdamp are the kind of make-believe that feels true, a magic so vivid it feels more like a memory than a work of fiction."
Spear (2022)
Nicola Griffith
"If Le Guin wrote a Camelot story, I imagine it would feel like Spear: humane, intelligent, and deeply beautiful. It's a new story with very old bones, a strange place that feels like home. It's exactly what I needed."
The Hacienda (2022)
Isabel Cañas
"A haunted history, a gory gothic, a forbidden romance. This book kept me up at night, and it was worth every second of lost sleep."
These Prisoning Hills (2022)
Christopher Rowe
"Haunted and heartful, violent and vibrant."
The Last Dreamwalker (2022)
Rita Woods
"A beautiful and compelling book about the histories we hide and the places we forget. It's about buried truths and dreams too long-deferred, and the hope that comes after."

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