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Lou Bradshaw is a lifelong story teller, who spent most of his life as a commercial illustrator and graphic artist. Deadlines, clients, and vendors were all sources of sleep depriving stress. To combat insomnia, he would often create stories in his mind to take the place of what was bothering him. Soon, some of those stories had grown to the point that they needed to be put on paper. Taking up a felt tip pen and a loose leaf binder, he found something new, challenging, and exciting. He soon filled multiple binders and his distraction had become a passion. Upon retirement, he began assembling notes and scribbles into novels the rest is history.
One of the unique features of his work is that as a dyslexic child, he was considered either slow or lazy by most of his teachers. To date he has written 7 books, which is 6 more than he was able to read while in school. His only legitimate book report, although 3 months late, was Huckleberry Finn.
Lou and his wife Avon live in the Missouri Ozarks, where they enjoy their family, golf, and the great outdoors.

Genres: Western