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Given Olga Bicos's background, it's no wonder she's a suspense novelist now - intrigue has run rampant in her life. Born in Cuba, she and her parents fled to the United States when Olga was just five years old. Her uncle, however, was part of an underground organization attempting to overthrow Castro. He was captured and held as a political prisoner for 15 years.

Growing up, Olga was deeply influenced by her family's history. It fostered in her a need for justice that eventually led her to Boalt Hall, School of Law, at the University of California at Berkeley. She graduated hoping to pursue a career in international relations law, but went instead to an entertainment law firm in Los Angeles.

Eventually she left to raise her children and to begin her writing career. She started out writing historical romances, five in all, and then moved on to suspense. Shattered is her debut MIRA title, and her 10th novel.

An avid traveler, Olga has been all over the world and can speak five languages. (Her mother, a professor of Spanish, insisted that all her children be polylingual.) She finds much of her inspiration for her books in the places she visits.

Olga also finds inspiration in the works of her favorite authors. She loves Michael Crichton, admiring his fast-paced style and stories that find adventure in science. And her favorite romance novelist is Susan Elizabeth Phillips. As Olga says of writers, "We are all readers beforehand. We know the magic of a really good book."

Olga Bicos lives in Southern California with her husband and her teenage daughter and son. They also share their home with various different pets, including dogs, rabbits and a cat.

Genres: Romantic Suspense, Romance
   By My Heart Betrayed (1990)
   White Tiger (1991)
   Santana Rose (1992)
   More Than Magic (1994)
   Sweeter Than Dreams (1995)
   Wrapped in Wishes (1996)
   Risky Games (1997)
   Perfect Timing (1998)
   Heat of the Moment (2001)
   Shattered (2003)
   Dead Easy (2004)
   Deadly Impulse (2005)
Omnibus editions
   A Joyous Season (1996) (with others)

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