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Emilie Richards's many novels feature complex characterizations and in-depth explorations of social issues, a result of her training and experience as a family counselor, which contribute to her fascination with relationships of all kinds. Emilie, a mother of four, lives with her husband in northern Virginia.

Genres: Romance, Mystery, Literary Fiction
   Christmas Classics (1989) (with Joan Hohl)
   Birds Bees and Babies (1990) (with Jennifer Greene and Karen Keast)
   Mistletoe and Holly / Sweet Sea Spirit (1991) (with Janet Dailey)
   1993 Silhouette Christmas Stories (1993) (with Joan Hohl and Lisa Jackson)
   Silhouette Christmas Stories 1993 (1993) (with Lucy Gordon, Joan Hohl and Lisa Jackson)
   Desperate Needs (1995) (with Fern Michaels and Sherryl Woods)
   Outlaws and Lovers (1996) (with Naomi Horton and Kathleen Korbel)
   A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Delivery Room (1997) (with Kathleen Eagle and Kasey Michaels)
   A Mother's Gift (1998) (with Kathleen Eagle and Joan Elliott Pickart)
   Southern Gentlemen (1998) (with Jennifer Blake)
   A Mother's Day (2002) (with Elizabeth Bevarly and Marie Ferrarella)
   Maybe This Time (2003) (with Fern Michaels and Sherryl Woods)
   To the One I Love (2003) (with Allison Leigh and Peggy Moreland)
   Mother's Love (2004) (with Elizabeth Bevarly and Marie Ferrarella)
   Nobody's Child / Older Woman / Royal MacAllister (2004) (with Joan Elliott Pickart and Cheryl Reavis)
   Love Undercover (2004) (with Merline Lovelace)
   From This Day Forward (2005) (with Marie Ferrarella)
   A Mother's Touch (2005) (with Linda Howard and Sherryl Woods)
   Lady of the Night / Island Glory (2005)
   By Any Other Name (2010)
   Summer in a Small Town (2012) (with Sheila Roberts)
   The Christmas Wedding Quilt (2013) (with Janice Kay Johnson and Sarah Mayberry)
   The Trouble with Joe / Someone Like Her (2014) (with Janice Kay Johnson)
   The Sum of Its Parts (2018) (with Karma Brown, Robyn Carr and Meg Little Reilly)
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Emilie Richards recommends
The Path of the Crooked (2014)
(Hope Street Church Mystery , book 1)
Ellery Adams
"THIS ISN'T YOUR GRANDMA'S SUNDAY SCHOOL CLASS. The members of the Sunrise Bible Study find murderers while they search for friendship, romance, and answers to life's biggest questions. Jennifer Stanley's engaging new series makes your attendance at Hope Street Church mandatory."
A Curve in the Road (2018)
Julianne MacLean
"Julianne MacLean takes us on a compelling journey through loss and grief to new beginnings. A gripping, emotional read."
My Lies, Your Lies (2020)
Susan Lewis
"One Minute Later is an absorbing look at a young woman’s journey from health and good fortune to a life she never imagined. This page-turner challenges readers to evaluate their own lives and choices, and what really matters most."
Full Bloom (2020)
Judith Arnold
"You'll smack your lips and wish you had your own Seder-in-a-box as you read Full Bloom from Judith Arnold. Manhattan's most lovable dysfunctional family faces trials and triumphs set around Bloom's, their popular West side deli. With sass and savvy, Arnold captures not only the physical geography of Blooms and its urban neighborhood, but the emotional geography of the Bloom family, too. Eat it up."

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