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Stacey Ballis is the author of several novels, incuding Inappropriate Men, Sleeping Over, Room for Improvement, The Spinster Sisters, Good Enough to Eat and the upcoming Off the Menu. She is also a contributing author to the anthologies Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys, and Everything I Needed to Know About Being a Girl I Learned From Judy Blume. She is currently at work on a new work of full-length fiction.

   Inappropriate Men (2004)
   Sleeping Over (2005)
   Room for Improvement (2006)
   The Spinster Sisters (2007)
   Good Enough to Eat (2010)
   Off the Menu (2012)
   Out to Lunch (2013)
   Recipe for Disaster (2015)
   Wedding Girl (2016)
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Stacey Ballis recommends
Life On the Leash (2018)
Victoria Schade
"Life on the Leash is a witty celebration of dogs, romance, and taking chances. Cora is a heroine to root for even in her most complicated moments, and whether you have a dog, or just appreciate them from afar, this book will make you want to head to the nearest shelter, either to adopt or volunteer. You'll want to curl up with your favorite furry bundle and devour the whole thing in one cuddly sitting."
The Simplicity of Cider (2017)
Amy E Reichert
"The Simplicity of Cider will quench your thirst for a smart, poignant tale of people who find their true selves, and in the process each other, in the most unexpected places. A sparkling tale of creating family where you need it, and learning to let go of the things that hold you back from your best life."
Can I See You Again? (2016)
Allison Morgan
"Morgan is clearly a writer to watch."

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