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(Book 16 in the Skin Walkers series)
A novel by

Thea Kinsey is pregnant with a Skin Walker child and on the run. Worse, how does she explain to the father that she shot him by accident? There'll be no explaining. He's vowed retribution and Thea has no choice but to run fast and hard to keep from being caught.

Marko Storm is as messed up as they come. Having been captured by Skin Walker enemies years ago, he's never been able to fully control his shifts or abilities. Things get even worse when Thea's injected with some strange drug that has him unable to resist her. When Thea disappears from the Estate, Marko goes on the hunt, and when he finds Thea, the affliction hits with a powerful blast that's almost as painful as the bullet she shoots into him. Thea doesn't know that since their coupling, Marko's completely lost the ability to shift, but that won't keep him from hunting her. He knows she's carrying his baby and once he finds Thea, he plans to capture and to keep.


"Hang on!" Marko shouted as he climbed into the truck and twisted the key in the ignition. Jamming the truck into gear, it lurched forward even as panic hit.

Thea's hope that the dart had been a placebo, meant to terrify instead of doing any real damage, faded a quick death as her overheated body and suddenly sensitized flesh told her they'd definitely injected her with something. Moaning, Thea curled in on herself.

"Thea, hang on!"

She couldn't formulate words, so she lifted a shaky hand and grabbed the empty tranq dart beside Marko's thigh where he'd dropped it onto the seat.

His eyes shot down, and he cursed. "Fuck! What is it?"

She could only shake her head as her belly clenched hard, shooting pain to her sex that was surprising and frightening. She breathed through the round of agony and only caught bits of Marko's words as he spoke into his comm.

"I don't know what the fuck it is, but she's in pain! Yes, I know she's a SW friendly. I've read her file!"

Another wave of agony hit, and she breathed deep and slow, embarrassed that her clit suddenly chose this moment to come to life and find the friction of the denim bunched between her legs enticing.

"We can't come in! They're on us. I need help!"

Thea heard him say someone was on them and she struggled up with a groan to peer out the back window. The movement was a mistake. On her knees, the material of her pants pressed tighter against her clit and had her rocking forward and backward. Why did it feel so good? What in the hell is going on?

"Thea, stay down!" Marko's large hand on her back flattened her to the seat before he went back to his conversation. "Someone just took 'em out. We're making a run for it. We'll hole up and wait for you to come to us."

Thea slid to the floor and squeezed her legs tighter, rocking quicker until to her utter mortification, orgasm seized her. She breathed through it and prayed Marko couldn't tell. Huddled on the floor of the truck she moaned and wanted to cry when the pain returned full force and then some. Her orgasm only gave her a brief respite. Oh no!

"I don't know," Marko barked, and she peeked up from where she hid her face in arms resting on her knees to see him snag the dart from the seat. He held it to his nose and inhaled deeply. "I smell... " He paled and didn't respond. Slowly, his eyes left the road and slid to her. His mouth fell open and his eyes rounded in horror as he stared at her in complete shock.

In the silence of the cab, they stared at each other for long minutes before Marko's expression morphed into one of rage. A rolling rumble left his chest as his brows snapped down and he jerked his gaze back to the road.

Embarrassment filled her as she realized he scented her state. Thea ducked her head and remained frozen in her position on the floor, afraid to move lest the movement sent her looking for release again.

Genre: Paranormal Romance

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December 2017 : Paperback

Title: Marko: Skin Walkers: 16
Author(s): Susan Bliler
ISBN: 1-983469-03-3 / 978-1-983469-03-9
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
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December 2017 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Marko (Skin Walkers Book 16)
Author(s): Susan Bliler
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