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Suzy Bussell

Suzy Bussell  started writing at the age of thirty when she penned her first story - a fan fiction - and then graduated onto writing her own characters and tales.

In 2019, she found herself unable to silence the persistent voices of Charlotte and Angus in her thoughts, their vivid characters forcing her hand to starting the ‘Lockwood and Darrow’ series.

Originally from Hertfordshire, she's called Devon home for two decades. Its picturesque landscapes and unique character have embedded themselves in almost every story she's penned.

She has a background in computing and a keen interest in technology which naturally weaves it's way into her plots to add a touch of modern intrigue. The world of technology has always fascinated her, and merging this with her passion for storytelling felt like a natural progression.

Currently, she lives close to the sea with an amazing and supportive husband, three sons, and two Snowshoe cats. When she's not writing, she loves swimming and playing her Violin.
New and upcoming books
Lockwood and Darrow Mysteries
   1. Exe Marks the Spot (2021)
   2. Exe Factor (2021)
   3. Trouble with the Exe (2022)
   4. Exe Ray Vision (2023)
   5. Exe Post Facto (2023)
   6. Exe on the beach (2024)

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