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Merryn Allingham

Merryn Allingham was born into an army family and spent her childhood moving around the UK and abroad. Unsurprisingly it gave her itchy feet and in her twenties she escaped from an unloved secretarial career to work as cabin crew and see the world.

The arrival of marriage, children and cats meant a more settled life in the south of England, where she has lived ever since. It also gave her the opportunity to go back to 'school' and eventually teach at university.

Merryn loves history and in 2014 published her first historical romantic suspense novel, The Crystal Cage. Her next project is a romantic suspense trilogy set in the 1930s/1940s moving between India and Britain. The series follows the fortunes of Daisy Driscoll, a working class girl from London.

Genres: Historical Romance, Sagas