Tiffany Baton

Like all true romantics,Tiffany Baton had always been fascinated by the great love stories of the past. The only child of two historians, she had always felt a pull towards British History and the epics that it spawned. But, instead of following in her parent’s footsteps, Tiffany chose to express her love of history in her own way: by writing about her favorite era.
After obtaining a degree in English Literature, Tiffany decided to write her first book and never looked back. When she isn’t writing, she enjoys spending time with her own Prince Charming, and their two beautiful children, enjoying Massachusetts’ natural wonders.
Hop on for a unique journey in Regency England, filled with intensity and heartwarming romance. Let Tiffany’s words bring the enchanting heroes of an era long gone back to life and charm their way into your heart!


Genres: Historical Romance

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