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Tor Age Bringsvaerd

Norway (b.1939)

He is an author, playwright, editor and translator. He is perhaps best known for his speculative fiction. Together with long-time partner Jon Bing, he is also considered as the first Norwegian author to write science fiction literature. Bringsværd regards himself as an anarchist, which is clearly reflected in some of his works. He is also known for his distinctive style of writing, for example for his seemingly random jumps to narratives or anecdotes with no clear relationship to the main story.
Anthologies containing stories by Tor Age Bringsvaerd
Best SF: 1974 (1975)
     aka The Year's Best Science Fiction 8
The Book of Fantasy (1988)
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Short stories
Codemus (1967)
The Man Who Collected the First of September, 1973 (1973)