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A E Coppard

(Alfred Edgar Coppard)
UK flag (1878 - 1957)

Alfred Edgar Coppard was an English writer, noted for his influence on the short story form, and poet. He was born, the son of a tailor and a housemaid, in Folkestone, and had little formal education. He left school at the age of nine to work as an errand boy for a Jewish trouser maker in Whitechapel during the period of the Jack-the-Ripper murders.

In the early 1920s, and still unpublished, he was in Oxford and a leading light of a literary group, the New Elizabethans, who met in a pub to read Elizabethan drama. W. B. Yeats sometimes attended the meetings. At this period he met Richard Hughes and Edgell Rickword, amongst others.
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by A E Coppard
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Short stories
Amy, Agatha, and Ruth
Barber's Rash
Coat of Many Colours
Cobbler Butticass
The Cream of Creation
The Drum
The Family Tree
Felix Tingler
The Higgler [short story]
Home Guard
Jubal and Jackson
The Other Woman's Story
Return Match
Smulvey at the Junction
Sweet Enemy
The Three Captains
The Tiger
Ugly Anna
Adam and Eve and Pinch Me [short story] (1921)
The Angel and the Sweep (1921)
Arabesque: the Mouse (1921)
Communion (1921)
Dusky Ruth [short story] (1921)
The King of the World (1921)
Marching to Zion (1921)
Piffingcap (1921)
Princess of Kingdom Gone (1921)
The Quiet Woman (1921)
The Trumpeters (1921)
Weep Not My Wanton (1921)
Fifty Pounds (1925)
Old Martin (1925)
Silver Circus [short story] (1927)
Father Raven (1944)
Gone Away (1946)
The Kisstruck Bogie (1946)
The Shock of the Macabre (1946)