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Robert Aickman

(Robert Fordyce Aickman)
UK flag (1914 - 1981)
Grandson of Richard Marsh

Robert Aickman is considered by many to be one of the finest modern writers of ghost stories. But Aickman himself refered to his tales as "strange stories", for they are often open to more complex interpretations. The writing is subtle and poetic, presenting us with both psychological and more material terrors.

Genres: Horror

Anthologies edited
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Robert Aickman
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Short stories
The Insufficient Answer (1951) (with Elizabeth Jane Howard)
Left Luggage (1951) (with Elizabeth Jane Howard)
Perfect Love (1951) (with Elizabeth Jane Howard)
Three Miles Up (1951) (with Elizabeth Jane Howard)
The Trains (1951) (with Elizabeth Jane Howard)
The View (1951) (with Elizabeth Jane Howard)
Your Tiny Hand is Frozen (1953)
Ringing the Changes (1955)
Bind Your Hair (1964)
A Choice of Weapons (1964)
The School Friend (1964)
The Waiting Room (1964)
Just a Song at Twilight (1965)
Larger Than Oneself (1966)
My Poor Friend (1966)
No Stronger Than a Flower (1966)
A Roman Question (1966)
The Visiting Star (1966)
The Wine-Dark Sea [short story] (1966)
The Cicerones (1967)
The Houses of the Russians (1968)
Into the Wood (1968)
Never Visit Venice (1968)
Ravissante (1968)
The Unsettled Dust [short story] (1968)
The Swords (1969)
Meeting Mr Millar (1972)
Pages from a Young Girl's Journal (1972)World Fantasy
The Clock Watcher (1974)
The Same Dog (1974)
The Hospice (1975)
Niemandswasser (1975)
The Real Road to Church (1975)
Wood (1976)
Growing Boys (1977)
Laura (1977)
Le Miroir (1977)
Marriage (1978)
The Fetch (1980)
Letters to the Postman (1980)
Mark Ingestre: The Customer's Tale (1980)
The Stains (1980)
The Next Glade (1983)
Rosamund's Bower (1985)

World Fantasy Lifetime Achievement nominee (1975)
World Fantasy Best Short Story winner (1975) : Pages from a Young Girl's Journal
British Fantasy Society Best Collection nominee (1999) : The Collected Strange Stories of Robert Aickman, Volume II