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Barbara Corcoran

USA (1911 - 2003)

Genres: Young Adult Fiction, Children's Fiction
Sam (1967)
A Row of Tigers (1969)
Sasha, My Friend (1969)
     aka My Wolf My Friend
The Long Journey (1970)
A Star to the North (1970)
This Is A Recording (1971)
The Lifestyle of Robie Tuckerman (1971)
A Trick of Light (1972)
Don't Slam the Door When You Go (1972)
Lion on the Mountain (1972)
Silver Wolf (1973)
All the Summer Voices (1973)
The Winds of Time (1974)
     aka The Watching Eyes
The Young Grizzly (1974)
A Dance to Still Music (1974)
I Wish You Love (1975)
Meet Me at Tamerlane's Tomb (1975)
The Clown (1975)
May I Cross Your Golden River? (1975) (with Paige Dixon)
Pimm's Cup for Everybody (1976)
Axe Time, Sword Time (1976)
Cabin in the Sky (1976)
The Faraway Island (1977)
Make No Sound (1977)
Me and You and a Dog Named Blue (1979)
Ask For Love and They Give You Rice Pudding (1980)
Rising Damp (1980)
The Person in the Potting Shed (1980)
Hey, That's My Soul You're Stomping on (1981)
You're Allegro Dead (1981)
Beloved Enemy (1981)
The Call of the Heart (1981)
Abigail (1981)
Abbie in Love (1981)
A Husband for Gail (1981)
Love Is Not Enough (1981)
Song for Two Voices (1981)
By the Silvery Moon (1981)
Child of the Morning (1982)
Which Witch Is Which (1983)
Strike! (1983)
The Woman in Your Life (1984)
Making It (1985)
Face the Music (1985)
A Horse Named Sky (1986)
I Am the Universe (1986)
     aka Who am I, Anyway?
You Put Up With Me, I'll Put Up With You (1987)
The Hideaway (1987)
Sky Is Falling (1988)
The Private War of Lillian Adams (1989)
Annie's Monster (1990)
Stay Tuned (1991)
Family Secrets (1992)
The Potato Kid (1993)
Wolf At the Door (1993)

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