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Ginger Chambers

Ginger Chambers had no plans to become a writer while she was growing up. But she always loved words and stories, so it was only natural that the inevitable happened. After writing over thirty books, Ginger still loves the profession she was ultimately drawn to. She considers it one of the great joys of her life to be able to create characters that come to life on the page and place them in situations that entertain her, as well as her readers.

Ginger started her career with Dell Publishing in the Candlelight Romance, Ecstasy and Ecstasy Supreme lines before moving to Harlequin, where she's written for the Harlequin American Romance series, Special Projects  Welcome to Tyler and Hometown Reunion  and Superromance books. Within the Superromance line she authored the popular seven-book series The West Texans. Her most recent book is Love, Texas for the American Romance line. Presently, she is hard at work on another American Romance title.

Her two children now grown, Ginger makes her home with her husband near the beautiful Pacific in Northern California.

Genres: Romance
West Texans
   West Texas Weddings (1995)
   A Match Made in Texas (1996)
     aka West Texas Match
   Texas Lawman (1998)
     aka West Texas Lawman
   Twilight, Texas (1998)
     aka West Texas Born
   Born in Texas (1999)
     aka Her Forever Texan
   Hidden in Texas (2000)
   Texas Forever (2001)
     aka For the Love of Texas