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Gerry Boyle

USA flag (b.1956)

An American author of much repute, the novelist Gerry ‘The Bee’ Boyle has come to be regarded as one of the most influential and prolific writers within his particular field, as he focuses largely on the thriller genre, with a clear gift for suspense and edge-of-the-seat storytelling. This particular knack for well paced narratives being placed alongside in-depth characters has put him at the forefront of his specific genre, with him becoming a leading voice within the industry. Creating a highly versatile and unique style he use all the tools of trade, subverting the tropes of the thriller genre and making it entirely his own.

Genres: Mystery

Jack McMorrow
   1. Deadline (1993)
   2. Bloodline (1995)
   3. Lifeline (1996)
   4. Potshot (1997)
   5. Borderline (1998)
   6. Cover Story (2000)
   7. Pretty Dead (2003)
   8. Home Body (2004)
   9. Damaged Goods (2010)
   10. Once Burned (2015)
   11. Straw Man (2016)
   12. Random Act (2019)