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Lindy Cameron

Lindy Cameron is the author of the Bryn Gideon and Kit O'Malley series as well as true crime.

Lindy is an Australian writer of crime fiction and fact who long ago gave up the fantasy of growing up to be a famous scientist.  The fact that she still harbours a desire to be an astronaut, a warrior chick or a Apache Helicopter pilot would hint that she perhaps hasnt, however, grown up much at all.

Lindys latest fiction is the adventure thriller Redback featuring the very cool Bryn Gideon and her team of retrieval agents. Redback was on of the first three books published by Clan Destine Press.

Genres: Mystery
   Golden Relic (1998)
   Redback (2007)
Picture Books
Non fiction
   Meaner Than Fiction (2007)
   Outside the Law 2 (2008)
   Killer in the Family (2008) (with Fin J Ross)
   I Got the Shit Car (2014)
   The Journal of Infinite Possibilities (2016)
   Murderous Women (2016) (with Ruth Wykes)
   Never Bored (2020)
   Toxic (2021) (with Fin J Ross)
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