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Cara Black

USA flag (b.1951)

Cara Black lives in San Francisco with her husband, a bookseller, and their teenage son.

Genres: Mystery, Thriller, General Fiction

Anthony Awards Best Novel nominee (2003) : Murder in the Sentier

Cara Black recommends
The Last Nightingale (2007)
(Nightingale Detective, book 1)
Anthony Flacco
"Atmospheric, chilling and with more twists and turns than crooked Lombard street, The Last Nightingale has it all. I couldn't put it down."
The 7th Woman (2013)
(Paris Homicide, book 1)
Frédérique Molay
"Ratcheting tension."
The Silent Dead (2016)
(Reiko Himekawa, book 1)
Tetsuya Honda
"Enthralling, fast paced, and intricately plotted."
The Moment Before Drowning (2018)
James Brydon
"A gripping, atmospheric, submersive novel that is deeply layered and delicately nuanced. I couldn't put this book down."
The Right Sort of Man (2019)
(Sparks & Bainbridge Mystery, book 1)
Allison Montclair
"Full of heart, astute, and darkly comic, The Right Sort of Man is a keenly observed historical mystery set in post-WWII London about two women, a former intelligence agent and war widow, who join forces and set up a marriage bureau with the mission to knit lives together, while grappling with their own pasts."
An Old Man's Game (2019)
(Amos Parisman Mystery, book 1)
Andy Weinberger
"I loved An Old Man's Game. Amos Parisman must return!"
A Bend In The River (2020)
(Revolution Sagas, book 5)
Libby Fischer Hellmann
"In this richly drawn tour de force, Libby Hellmann paints an Asian family saga over two continents. Two sisters take different paths, struggle to confront the past, themselves, and each other. Highly recommended."
The Opium Prince (2020)
Jasmine Aimaq
"The Opium Prince is an evocative, overdue tale of Afghanistan, written with searing insight by Jasmine Aimaq. Against the backdrop of 1970s Kabul, Aimaq sets an edgy cat-and-mouse game between a half-Afghan US government official and an opium khan, threaded together by the hard beauty of the country's land and people. I couldn’t put it down."
Thief of Souls (2021)
(Inspector Lu Fei Mystery, book 1)
Brian Klingborg
"Engrossing and atmospheric, Thief of Souls, takes us through the dirty snow of a Chinese province in a hunt for a serial killer. Police investigator Lu Fei, quotes Confucius, understands the power of the past, and navigates corruption and back-handing among Chairman Mao's descendents. An unmissable journey with a Confucian knight errant for the 21st century."
The School of Mirrors (2022)
Eva Stachniak
"A riveting epic shining with lush historical detail. . . . Stachniak's story of a young woman's life struggle and journey is set against the Versailles court intrigue and French Revolution. The School of Mirrors illuminates the early feminism of midwives through the guillotine to the New World. You'll never forget this journey."
Die Around Sundown (2022)
Mark Pryor
"Visit occupied Paris in Die Around Sundown, a darkly comic mystery with a sharp eyed and sharp mouthed police detective . . . with a French flair into little known facets of history. A tale with twists and heart."

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