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M M Crumley

aka M M Boulder

Stories, fiction, myths, and legends have always been a huge part of my life...

As a child, I liked nothing better than to lose myself in a world where magic and heroes were part of the fabric of existence. I wrote my first story featuring Doc Holliday as an immortal way back in 2004 for a college writing class, and I've been following him around ever since. As a man, he was such an interesting character: tragic, loyal, lucky, and reckless. In writing Doc, I've tried to capture all those things that always fascinated me about the real Doc Holliday. Every single one of my characters, not just Doc, are real to me. They exist. They are three-dimensional beings who demand that their stories be told. If I were to turn away from them, they would haunt me; and so I don't. Instead I chase after them and write down everything they say!

What I love about fiction is that there are themes and repeated ideas that filter through stories all over the world. Cultures that never had contact with each other will have nearly identical stories or myths, and this forces us to ask the question of whether or not there truly is a collective consciousness. Within all fiction there can be strange granules of truth and insight, and these truths can be found in the most surprising places: a cartoon, a song, a story about a boy and his horse. The bard, the storyteller, the oracle, the keeper of stories and traditions is truly one of the oldest offices of the earth. We can carry the truth or the lie. We can help, or we can hurt. But regardless which side of the equation we are on, magic follows us. We can create a world to find comfort in, a peace that soothes, an idea that invigorates or changes. Through the written word, we can affect the reality of the world.

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Genres: Urban Fantasy
Legend of Andrew Rufus
   1. Dark Awakening (2019)
   2. Bone Deep (2019)
   3. Blood Stained (2020)
   4. Burial Ground (2020)
   5. Death Song (2020)
   6. Funeral March (2020)
   7. Warpath (2020)
Immortal Doc Holliday
   1. Hidden (2021)
   2. Coup D'A tat (2021)
   3. Ruthless (2021)
   4. Instinct (2021)
   5. Rogues (2021)
   6. Empire (2022)
   7. Omens (2022)
   8. Chasm (2022)
   9. Feral (2022)
   10. Oblivion (2022)
   11. Relentless (2023)
   12. Requiem (2023)
   13. Hellion (2023)
   Regnum (2023)
   14. Shadows (2023)
   15. Indebted (2024)
   16. Fathom (2025)

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