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Millie Copper, writer of Cozy Apocalyptic Fiction, was born in Nebraska but never lived there. Her parents fully embraced wanderlust and moved regularly, giving her an advantage of being from nowhere and everywhere.
As an adult, Millie is fully rooted in a solar-powered home in the wilds of Wyoming with her husband and young son, milking ornery goats and tending chickens on their small homestead.
In their free time, they escape to the mountains for a hike or laze along the bank of the river to catch their dinner. Four adult daughters, three sons-in-law, and three grandchildren round out the family.
Since 2009, Millie has authored articles on traditional foods, alternative health, homesteading, and preparedness–many times all within the same piece.
Millie has penned five nonfiction, traditional food focused books, sharing how, with a little creativity, anyone can transition to a real foods diet without overwhelming their food budget.
 The twelve-installment Havoc in Wyoming Christian Post-Apocalyptic fiction series uses her homesteading, off-the-grid, and preparedness lifestyle as a guide. The adventure continues with the Montana Mayhem series, scheduled for release in the summer of 2021.


Genres: Science Fiction
New and upcoming books
April 2024

Yellowstone County Fall
(In the October Fall World)
Havoc in Wyoming
   1. Caldwell's Homestead (2019)
   2. Katie's Journey (2019)
   3. Mollie's Quest (2019)
   Wyoming Refuge (2019)
   4. Shields and Ramparts (2020)
   Havoc Begins (2020)
   5. Fowler's Snare (2020)
   Havoc Rises (2020)
   6. Pestilence in the Darkness (2020)
   Havoc Peaks (2021)
   7. My Refuge and Fortress (2021)
   Christmas on the Mountai (2021)
Montana Mayhem
   1. Unending Havoc (2021)
   2. Ruthless Havoc (2021)
   3. Merciless Havoc (2021)
   4. Cruel Havoc (2022)
Dakota Disaster
   0.5. Looming Mayhem (2023)
   1. Bitter Mayhem (2023)
   Fractured World (2022) (with others)
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