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Mike Ripley is the author of the award-winning 'Angel' series of comedy thrillers which have twice won the CWA Last Laugh Award. It has been said that he 'paints a picture of London Dickens would recognise' and that 'he writes like the young Len Deighton, wierd and wonderful information and very, very funny'. Described as 'England's funniest crime writer' (The Times), he is also a respected critic of crime fiction, writing for the Daily Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times and the Birmingham Post among others.

Genres: Mystery, Historical Mystery
New Books
September 2023

Mr Campion's Memory
(Albert Campion , book 11)
Fitzroy Maclean Angel
   1. Just Another Angel (1988)
   2. Angel Touch (1989)
   3. Angel Hunt (1990)
   4. Angels in Arms (1991)
   5. Angel City (1994)
   6. Angel Confidential (1995)
   7. Family Of Angels (1996)
   8. That Angel Look (1997)
   9. Bootlegged Angel (1999)
   10. Lights, Camera, Angel (2001)
   11. Angel Underground (2002)
   12. Angel on the Inside (2003)
   13. Angel In The House (2005)
   14. Angel's Share (2006)
   15. Angels Unaware (2008)
   Angels and Others (2015)
Albert Campion
continued from the original series by Margery Allingham
   1. Mr Campion's Farewell (2014)
   2. Mr Campion's Fox (2015)
   3. Mr Campion's Fault (2016)
   4. Mr Campion's Abdication (2017)
   5. Mr Campion's War (2018)
   6. Mr Campion's Visit (2019)
   7. Mr Campion's Seance (2020)
   8. Mr Campion's Coven (2021)
   9. Mr Campion's Wings (2021)
   10. Mr Campion's Mosaic (2022)
   11. Mr Campion's Memory (2023)
Non fiction
   Surviving a Stroke (2006)
   Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang (2017)
Mike Ripley recommends
Knock 'em Dead (2020)
(Captain Darac, book 4)
Peter Morfoot
"Peter Morfoot’s policiers featuring jazz-loving Captain Paul Darac of Nice’s Brigade Criminelle comprise one of the best crime series I have discovered in the last ten years."
Three Stations (2010)
(Arkady Renko, book 7)
Martin Cruz Smith
"The return of everyone's favourite Russian detective Arkady Renko desperately trying to stay honest in a corrupt world. The bleak, dark side of post-Communist Moscow has never been better done."
Star Island (2010)
(Skink, book 6)
Carl Hiaasen
"Hiaasen back on top acidic form as he deflates the dirigible of celebrity in pop music with a blast of well-aimed buckshot whilst keeping some of his powder dry for his favourite target: Florida property developers."
Wake Up Dead (2010)
(Cape Town, book 2)
Roger Smith
"South Africa's answer to Elmore Leonard. A raw, brutal, tour-de-force."
The Maze of Cadiz (2008)
(Peter Cotton, book 1)
Aly Monroe
"So convincing and so well-written...I have trouble believing it is a first novel."
Typhoon (2008)
Charles Cumming
"Superior spy story, bang up to date and based on characterisation rather than convoluted plot twists or thick-eared action."

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