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R Allen Chappell

R. Allen Chappell, the author of eight novels and a collection of short stories, grew up with the Navajo, went to school with them and later worked alongside them, forging enduring friendships along the way. "Those friendships," the author says, "became the inspiration for this series."

Chappell notes, "My writing focuses on the people of the Four Corners region past and present. I tend not to romanticize my characters, preferring instead to paint them as I find them. They have much the same qualities, good and bad, as the rest of us."

At home in Western Colorado, Chappell continues to pursue a lifelong interest in the prehistory of the Four Corners region and its people. Though his books are works of fiction, a concerted effort is made to maintain the accuracy of the culture and people as he has come to know them.

For the curious: the author’s random thoughts on each book in the series are listed below in the order of their release.

Genres: Historical Mystery

Navajo Nation Mystery
   1. Navajo Autumn (2013)
   2. Boy Made of Dawn (2013)
   3. Ancient Blood (2014)
   4. Mojado (2015)
   5. Magpie Speaks (2016)
   6. Wolves of Winter (2016)
   7. The Bible Seller (2017)
   8. Day of the Dead (2018)
   9. The Collector (2019)
   10. Falling Girl (2020)
   11. Yellow Dirt (2021)
   12. DeadFall (2022)