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Kate Flora

(Kate Clark Flora)
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Kate Flora is the author of nine books. Her dynamic character, Thea Kozak, returns in 2007 in Stalking Death, from Jim Huang's Crum Creek Press/The Mystery Company. Finding Amy: A True Story of Murder in Maine, co-written with a career police officer, was a 2007 Edgar nominee, and she has gone in a new direction with Playing God, a gritty police procedural from Five Star. She is currently researching a new true crime. Level Best, her joint publishing project, is editing a fifth crime story anthology, Still Waters. Flora teaches writing for Grub Street in Boston. She is an MFA candidate at Vermont College.

Genres: Mystery
Anthologies edited
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Non fiction
Finding Amy (2006) (with Joseph K Loughlin)
Death Dealer (2014)
Shots Fired! (2017) (with Joseph K Loughlin)