Samantha Connolly

Born in Ireland, Samantha Connolly has lived all over the globe. Her family (mom, dad, younger sister) moved to Australia when she was four. Six years later the family returned to their native Ireland, where her parents opened their own bookshop. And there Samantha's love affair with books began. Growing up surrounded by books, she dreamed of writing one of her own someday. After completing university, she lived in London for several years, working in a number of places, including an art gallery. And she earned her private pilot's licence (now sadly expired due to lack of flying hours, but she plans on retaking the exams one day!). Samantha, too, has now returned to Ireland and gotten serious about her writing. She divides her time between putting pen to paper and working in her family's bookstore. Her hobbies include horseback riding, campoing and, of course, reading.

Genres: Romance