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Vikram Chandra

India (b.1961)
Husband of Melanie Abrams

Vikram Chandra was born in New Delhi.

He completed most of his secondary education at Mayo College, a boarding school in Ajmer, Rajasthan. After a short stay at St. Xaviers College in Mumbai, Vikram came to the United States as an undergraduate student.

In 1984, he graduated from Pomona College (in Claremont, near Los Angeles) with a magna cum laude BA in English, with a concentration in creative writing. 

He then attended the Film School at Columbia University in New York. In the Columbia library, by chance, he happened upon the autobiography of Colonel James Sikander Skinner, a legendary nineteenth century soldier, born of an Indian mother and a British father. This book was to become the inspiration for Vikrams novel, Red Earth and Pouring Rain. He left film school halfway to begin work on the novel.
Non fiction
Anthologies containing stories by Vikram Chandra
Short stories
Dharma (1994)

World Fantasy Best Novel nominee (1996) : Red Earth and Pouring Rain