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C J Daugherty

A pseudonym used by Christi Daugherty

Before giving fiction a shot in 2010, CJ had already written a number of books about travel for publishers including Frommers and Time Out, worked as a journalist for Reuters, and as a crime and investigative reporter for newspapers in the US.

Over the years she's also been a hostess at a Cajun restaurant, a researcher for a university, a receptionist for an oil company, a ham seller at a Honey Baked Ham store, and a civil servant. She quite liked selling hams.

These days she writes thrillers. Night School was her first novel. The first book in the Night School series, it is now being translated into 19 languages. Night School: Legacy, is out now in the UK and France, and will soon be published in the REST of the WORLD.

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy
Night School
1. Night School (2012)
2. Legacy (2013)
3. Fracture (2013)
4. Resistance (2014)
5. Endgame (2015)
Alchemist Chronicles (with Carina Rozenfeld)
1. The Secret Fire (2015)
2. The Secret City (2016)