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Tess Gerritsen

USA flag (1953 - )

Tess Gerritsen left a successful medical practice to bring up her children and concentrate on her writing. She lives in Maine, with her family.
Tavistock Family
1. In Their Footsteps (1994)
2. Thief of Hearts (1995)
     aka Stolen
Jane Rizzoli and Maura Isles
1. The Surgeon (2001)
2. The Apprentice (2002)
3. The Sinner (2003)
4. Body Double (2004)
5. Vanish (2005)
6. The Mephisto Club (2006)
7. Keeping the Dead (2008)
     aka The Keepsake
8. Ice Cold (2010)
     aka The Killing Place
8.5. Freaks (2011)
9. The Silent Girl (2011)
9.5. John Doe (2012)
10. Last to Die (2012)
11. Die Again (2014)
12. I Know A Secret (2017)
The Rizzoli & Isles Series 11-Book Bundle (omnibus) (2015)


Tess Gerritsen recommends
Bad Blood
Bad Blood (1995)
(Victoria Lucci Mystery, book 1)
Suzanne Proulx
"Suzanne Proulx offers readers a delightful dose of death in this novel of hospital suspense. I thoroughly enjoyed it!"
Empty Cradle
Empty Cradle (1998)
Karen Harper
"Aill keep you awake until bedtime and beyond. Timely and gripping."

Tell Me Lies (1998)
Jennifer Crusie
"Smart, sexy and howlingly funny."

Chameleon (1998)
(P. J. Gray, book 3)
Shirley Kennett
"In CHAMELEON, Kennett has crafted an utterly chilling villain, cloaked in a child's innocence. A scary, compelling read."
Firebrand Bride
Firebrand Bride (1999)
Janet Lynnford
"Lush and sexy... a compelling read."

Ghost Dance (1999)
Mark Sullivan
"Mark Sullivan combines poetic writing with eerie elements of mysticism to fashion yet another fascinating thriller."

Landry's Law (1999)
(Landry Brothers, book 2)
Kelsey Roberts
"Kelsey Roberts' seamless blend of tender romance and compelling intrigue will keep you turning pages."

The Rival Queens (2001)
(Countess Ashby De La Zouche, book 2)
Fidelis Morgan
"A delicious, rollicking romp of a mystery that kept me enthralled. Fidelis Morgan writes just the sort of story I love, full of sensuous details that make history come alive. I can't wait to read her next one."

Vitals (2002)
Greg Bear
"Terrifying . . . Not only does Greg Bear keep you guessing, he keeps you thinking. He is a master at turning a scientific concept into a crackling good thriller."

Flesh Tones (2002)
M J Rose
"Intensely erotic and compelling, Flesh Tones explores the disturbing realm that lies between love and obsession."
Black Valley
Black Valley (2003)
Jim Brown
"Utterly terrifying."
Lover Boy
Lover Boy (2003)
Michele Jaffe
"Michele Jaffe's books will keep you turning the pages into the night."

Blind Run (2003)
Patricia Lewin
"A writer with a genuine talent to thrill."
Suspicious Origin
Suspicious Origin (2003)
Patricia J MacDonald
"I could not put down this book. It haunted my dreams, called to me through the day. MacDonald is now on my list of favorite authors."

Gone Too Far (2003)
(Troubleshooters, book 6)
Suzanne Brockmann
"Sizzling with military intrigue and sexual tension, with characters so vivid they leap right off the page, Gone Too Far is a bold, brassy read with a momentum that just doesn't quit."

The Replacement (2003)
Anne Marie Duquette
"...truly thrilling, full of exciting action and suspense."
Mortal Remains
Mortal Remains (2003)
(Earl Garnet, book 4)
Peter Clement
"Thrilling and compelling."
The Judas Virus
The Judas Virus (2003)
David Best
"David Best is superb at spinning medical fact into gripping suspense."

Blue Blood (2004)
(Debutante Dropout, book 1)
Susan McBride
"A delicious romp of a mystery."
Crossing the Line
Crossing the Line (2004)
(Antonio Burns, book 4)
Clinton McKinzie
"An adrenaline-pumping, heart-pounding thrill ride with a terrifying climax that left me clenching for a handhold. "

Alligator Moon (2004)
Joanna Wayne
"Joanna Wayne waeves together a romance and suspense with pulse-pounding results!"
Princess (2004)
(Code Name , book 2)
Christina Skye
"Skye expertly weaves sizzling romance and suspense in her lightning-paced tales of intrigue."
Pandemic (2005)
Daniel Kalla
"Daniel Kalla expertly weaves real science and medicine into a fast-paced, nightmarish thriller - a thriller all the more frightening because it could really happen."
Most Wanted
Most Wanted (2005)
(Melanie Vargas, book 1)
Michele Martinez
"An utter page-turner."
The Cleaner
The Cleaner (2006)
(Jonathan Quinn Thriller, book 1)
Brett Battles
"Brett Battles makes a grand entrance into the thriller scene with this unputdownable spy novel. THE CLEANER has it all: exotic locales, James Bondian derring-do, and ingenious plot twists that will keep you sweating all the way till the end."

Thriller (2006)
James Patterson
"Thriller is entertaining, fast-paced, and just plain fun. It will take you to the most terrifying heights of suspense."

Sign of the Cross (2006)
(Payne and Jones, book 2)
Chris Kuzneski
"Sign of the Cross - chilling scenes and a lightning pace. This story really flies!"
Checkmate (2007)
(Cameron Talbot, book 1)
Karna Small Bodman
"A white house insider infects high tension into this high-stakes thriller."

Dead Head (2007)
Allen Wyler
"With its lightning paced excitement and fascinating science Dead Head has everything you could hope for in a medical thriller."

Kiss Her Goodbye (2007)
Robert Gregory Browne
"Kiss Her Goodbye is a smashing good read. It moves at such a brekneck pace that you'll scarcely have time to take a breath."
Stigma (2007)
Philip Hawley
"Pulses with tension and drama... a top-notch thriller!"
Eat the Dark
Eat the Dark (2007)
Joe Schreiber
"A harrowing, up-all-night read with delicious scares at every turn. Joe Schreiber knows just what terrifies us, and his masterly skills are on full display."
Knock 'em Dead
Knock 'em Dead (2008)
(Finley Anderson Tanner Mystery, book 2)
Rhonda Pollero
"Rhonda Pollero's humor and compelling mystery will keep you turning the pages!"

The Weight of Silence (2009)
Heather Gudenkauf
"Deeply moving and exquisitely lyrical, this is a powerhouse of a debut novel."

Cemetery Lake (2009)
(Theodore Tate, book 1)
Paul Cleave
"Cleave is a writer to watch."
Evidence of Murder
Evidence of Murder (2009)
(Theresa MacLean, book 2)
Lisa Black
"Lisa Black wows us with another tense and unputdownable thriller. She is, quite simply, one of the best storytellers around."
A Twisted Ladder
A Twisted Ladder (2009)
(Twisted Ladder, book 1)
Rhodi Hawk
"Eerie and evocative, A Twisted Ladder provides scares and surprises galore."

A House to Die for (2010)
(Darby Farr Mystery, book 1)
Vicki Doudera
"[Doudera] expertly weaves a tale of suspense on a Maine island, where murder and real estate are an explosive combination."

Stress Fracture (2010)
(Dub Walker, book 1)
D P Lyle
"Cutting-edge forensics and a whip-cracking pace make Stress Fracture a one-sitting read. If you love CSI, this is the book for you."

Crossing Oceans (2010)
Gina Holmes
"Poignant and unforgettable, this book will break your heart and then put the pieces back together again."

Think of a Number (2010)
(Dave Gurney, book 1)
John Verdon
"The best thriller I've read in a long, long time."

Hostage Zero (2010)
(Jonathan Grave, book 2)
John Gilstrap
"Taut, action-packed, and impossible to put down!"

Blackveil (2011)
(Green Rider, book 4)
Kristen Britain
"Kristen Britain is one of the most astonishing fantasy writers working today."

Fifth Victim (2011)
(Charlie Fox, book 9)
Zoë Sharp
"Charlie Fox is one of the most vivid and engaging heroines ever to swagger onto the pages of a book."

Vestal Virgin (2011)
Suzanne Tyrpak
"Her writing is pure magic."

Before I Go To Sleep (2011)
S J Watson
"Quite simply the best debut I've ever read."

Taken (2011)
(Jo Birmingham, book 2)
Niamh O'Connor
"Gripping, terrifying. If you like Martina Cole, you'll love this."

The Phoenix Apostles (2011)
(Seneca Hunt, book 1)
Joe Moore and Lynn Sholes
"What do you get when you cross Indiana Jones with Da Vinci Code? The Phoenix Apostles, a rollicking thrill ride with so many twists and turns that you won't have time to catch your breath!"

Hotwire (2011)
(Maggie O'Dell, book 9)
Alex Kava
"Rip-roaring action that only builds in intensity with every page."

Second Nature (2011)
Jacquelyn Mitchard
"Mitchard writes with passion and artistry, weaving a vivid story that both moves and astonishes. From the very first paragraph, you know you are in the hands of a gifted writer."

Available Dark (2012)
(Cass Neary, book 2)
Elizabeth Hand
"Fiercely frightening yet hauntingly beautiful, with a startling heroine you'll never forget, Available Dark shimmers with gorgeous writing even as it scares the dickens out of you. I've long been a fan of Elizabeth Hand's amazing books, and once again she proves why she is truly a writer's writer, her prose so glowing it makes all the rest of us jealous."

The Fallen (2012)
(Jade de Jong, book 3)
Jassy Mackenzie
"A white-knuckle thriller with an utterly chilling finale."

The Killing Harvest (2013)
Don Donaldson
"Brimming with chillingly authentic medical details."

Like This, For Ever (2013)
(Lacey Flint, book 3)
Sharon Bolton
"Chilling and mesmerising."

The Shadow Tracer (2013)
M G Gardiner
"I couldn't turn the pages fast enough."

The Stolen Ones (2013)
(Jessica Balzano and Kevin Byrne, book 7)
Richard Montanari
"Relentlessly suspenseful... hooks you instantly."

Day One (2013)
Nate Kenyon
"Day One will have you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end."

Don't Talk to Strangers (2014)
(Keye Street, book 3)
Amanda Kyle Williams
"Keye Street - Effortlessly brilliant.. Brutally funny and powerfully human."

The Daughter (2014)
Jane Shemilt
"Jane Shemilt builds layer upon layer of tension in a thriller you won't be able to put down."

Full Tilt (2015)
(Kate Page, book 2)
Rick Mofina
"Rick Morfina's tense, taut writing makes every thriller he writes an adrenaline-packed ride."

The Girl On the Train (2015)
Paula Hawkins
"So thrilling and tense and wildly unpredictable it sucked up my entire afternoon. Not to be missed!"

Fallen Sparrow (2015)
(Peyton Cote, book 2)
D A Keeley
"Packed with thrills and high-octane action."

Hotel Moscow (2015)
Talia Carner
"Exquisitely told, with details so vivid you can almost taste the food and hear the voices."

Looking Through Darkness (2015)
(Trading Post, book 2)
Aimée Thurlo and David Thurlo
"Terrific.Aimée and David Thurlo surely deserve to be called the successors to Tony Hillerman."

Speak The Dead (2015)
Grant McKenzie
"Grant McKenzie is a terrific novelist."

The Number of Man (2015)
J T Ellison
"One of the best writers in the game."

What You See (2015)
(Jane Ryland, book 4)
Hank Phillippi Ryan
"Whip-smart writing, a dizzying pace-a thrilling read!"
Fan Mail (2016)
Peter Robinson
"Peter Robinson is a master."

Try Not to Breathe (2016)
Holly Seddon
"A razor-sharp, fast-paced plot and wonderfully complex characters . . . Not since The Girl on the Train have I been so captivated by a work of suspense."

Baby Doll (2016)
Hollie Overton
"What a compulsive read! A brilliant first novel that kept me transfixed and entertained until the very last page."

The Couple Next Door (2016)
Shari Lapeña
"A twisty, utterly riveting tale that will send readers on a wild rollercoaster ride of emotions. Shocking revelations kept me turning the pages like a madwoman."

The Nowhere Man (2017)
(Orphan X, book 2)
Gregg Hurwitz
"A dizzying ride."

Assassination at Bayou Sauvage (2017)
(Andy Broussard & Kit Franklyn Mystery, book 8)
D J Donaldson
"D.J. Donaldson is superb at spinning medical fact into gripping suspense."

The Seventh Sun (2017)
(Dan Clifford, book 1)
Kent Lester
"A thrill-a-minute ride! Kent Lester knows how to make science wildly entertaining. "

Beneath the Wake (2017)
(Dr. Zol Szabo Medical Mystery, book 4)
Ross Pennie
"Fascinating and fast-paced, a medical thriller with the high-stakes tension of a frightening epidemic."

The Castle (2017)
Jason Pinter
"An author who dares to take the traditional thriller in bold new directions."

The Daughter of Sherlock Holmes (2017)
Leonard Goldberg
"Strap on your seat belts for a thrilling ride. Leonard Goldberg pulls out all the stops in this action-packed tale that's sure to keep you flipping the pages."

The Driver (2017)
Hart Hanson
"The Driver is smart, brash, and funny, with characters who strut right out of an Elmore Leonard novel. For thrills, chills, and plenty of laughs, Hart Hanson is your man."

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