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Carl Deuker is a full-time teacher and a part-time writer. He lives in Seattle, Washington, with his wife, daughter, and a bevy of rodent pets. Carl teaches sixth grade in the Northshore School District in Bothell, Washington. While growing up, Carl listened to the Beatles and Bob Dylan and, through their lyrics, learned to love words and decided he wanted to write. Carl also had a passion for sports. His writing career began as a film and book reviewer for the Seattle Sun, a small alternative newspaper. When the Sun went out of business, Carl decided to try his hand at writing a novel. Combining his enthusiasm for both writing and athletics, Carl Deuker has created many exciting novels for young readers.

Genres: Young Adult Fiction
New and upcoming books
November 2024

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   On the Devil's Court (1989)
   Heart of a Champion (1993)
   Painting the Black (1997)
   Night Hoops (2000)
   High Heat (2003)
   Runner (2005)
   Gym Candy (2007)
   Payback Time (2010)
   Swagger (2013)
   Gutless (2016)
   Golden Arm (2020)
   Shadowed (2024)
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