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Lois Duncan

(Lois Duncan Steinmetz)
USA flag (1934 - 2016)
Mother of Brett Arquette

aka Lois Kerry

Lois Duncan grew up in Sarasota, Florida and from early childhood she knew she wanted to be a writer. She submitted her first story to a magazine at the age of 10 and made her first sale at 13. Throughout her high-school years, she wrote regularly for young people's publications, particularly Seventeen Magazine.

Duncan is best known for her brilliant psychological suspense novels. She was drawn to this genre because those were the books he enjoyed reading. Of her writing technique, she once said, "Although I've been told that some authors start writing with only a general idea in mind and let their stories evolve on their own, I couldn't work that way. My books are tightly plotted and carefully constructed; every sentence is there for a reason. Personally, I can't imagine writing a book without knowing exactly how it's going to end. It would be like setting out on a cross-country trip without a road map."

Genres: Young Adult Fantasy
   Debutante Hill (1958)
   Love Song for Joyce (1958) (as by Lois Kerry)
   A Promise for Joyce (1959) (as by Lois Kerry)
   A Gift of Magic (1960)
   Game of Danger (1962)
   The Middle Sister (1962)
   Season of the Two - Heart (1964)
   Point of Violence (1966)
   Ransom (1966)
     aka Five Were Missing
   They Never Came Home (1969)
   Peggy (1970)
   Hotel for Dogs (1971)
   When the Bough Breaks (1973)
   I Know What You Did Last Summer (1973)
   Down a Dark Hall (1974)
   Summer of Fear (1976)
   Killing Mr. Griffin (1978)
   Daughters of Eve (1979)
   Stranger with My Face (1981)
   The Third Eye (1984)
     aka The Eyes of Karen Connors
   Locked in Time (1985)
   The Twisted Window (1987)
   Don't Look Behind You (1989)
   Gallows Hill (1997)
   I Still Know What You Did Last Summer (1998)
   News For Dogs (2009)
   Movie for Dogs (2010)
thumbno image availableno image availablethumb
   From Spring to Spring (poems) (1982)
   Terrible Tales of the Happy Days School (1983)
   Songs From Dreamland (poems) (1989)
   Seasons of the Heart (poems) (2007)
   Written In The Stars (2014)
Anthologies edited
   Night Terrors (1996)
   On the Edge (1997)
   Trapped! (1998)
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