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Elizabeth Dunlap

Elizabeth Dunlap is an award winning author of several fantasy books, including the Born Vampire series. She's never wanted to be anything else in her life, except maybe a vampire. She lives in Texas with her boyfriend, their daughter, and a very sleepy chihuahua named Deyna.
   Hexes and Handcuffs (2020) (with Maggie Alabaster, Tabitha B, Tabitha Barrett, Bokerah Brumley, Quirah Casey, M M Chabot, Tiegan Clyne, Margo Bond Collins and May Dawson)
   Dark Galaxies (2020) (with Ashley Amy, Eva Blackwing, Margo Bond Collins, Eli Constant, A R Draeger, Leigh Kelsey and Beth Rosalee)
   Falling for Shifters (2020) (with Lacey Carter Andersen, Thea Atkinson, Tiegan Clyne, Margo Bond Collins, Meghyn King, Niobe Marsh, Kat Parrish, Sapphire Winters and Zoey Xolton)
   Holidays Bite (2020) (with Margo Bond Collins, Laura Greenwood, Elise Hennessy, Renee Hewett, Mirren Hogan, Sharon Rose Mayes, Kat Parrish, Helen Scott Taylor and Edeline Wrigh)