Warwick Deeping

(George Warwick Deeping)
UK flag (1877 - 1950)

George Warwick Deeping was a prolific English novelist and short story writer. His most famous novel is "Sorrell and Son" (1925). His early work is dominated by historical romances. His later novels attempted to keep alive the spirit of the Edwardian age.
Uther and Igraine (1903)
Love Among the Ruins (1904)
The Seven Streams (1905)
The Slanderers (1905)
Bess of the Woods (1906)
The Return of the Petticoat (1907)
A Woman's War (1907)
Bertrand of Brittany (1908)
Mad Barbara (1908)
     aka These White Hands
The Red Saint (1909)
The Rust of Rome (1910)
Fox Farm (1911)
     aka The Eyes of Love
Joan of the Tower (1911)
The Lame Englishman (1911)
Sincerity (1912)
     aka The Strong Hand / The Challenge of Love
The House of Spies (1913)
The White Gate (1913)
The Pride of Eve (1914)
The Shield of Love (1914)
     aka King Behind the King
Marriage By Conquest (1915)
The Bridge of Desire (1916)
     aka Unrest
Martin Valliant (1917)
Countess Glika (1919)
Second Youth (1919)
     aka The Awakening
Valour (1919)
The Prophetic Marriage (1920)
Lantern Lane (1921)
The House of Adventure (1922)
Orchards (1922)
     aka The Captive Wife
Apples of Gold (1923)
The Secret Sanctuary (1923)
Sulva John (1924)
Three Rooms (1924)
Sorrell and Son (1925)
Doomsday (1927)
Kitty (1927)
Old Pybus (1928)
Roper's Row (1929)
Exiles (1930)
The Road (1931)
     aka The Ten Commandments
Old Wine and New (1932)
Smith (1932)
The Man on the White Horse (1934)
Seven Men Came Back (1934)
Sackcloth into Silk (1935)
     aka The Golden Cord
No Hero - This (1936)
Blind Man's Year (1937)
The Woman at The Door (1937)
The Malice of Men (1938)
Bluewater (1939)
Fantasia (1939)
Folly Island (1939)
     aka Shabby Summer
The Man Who Went Back (1940)
The Dark House (1941)
Corn in Egypt (1942)
I Live Again (1942)
Slade (1943)
Mr. Gurney and Mr. Slade (1944)
     aka The Cleric's Secret
The Impudence of Youth (1945)
Reprieve (1945)
Laughing House (1947)
Portrait of a Playboy (1947)
     aka The Play Boy
Paradise Place (1949)
Old Mischief (1950)
Time to heal (1952)
Man in Chains (1953)
The Old World Dies (1954)
Caroline Terrace (1955)
The Serpents Tooth (1956)
The Sword and the Cross (1957)
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